About Us

Welcome to Friends Woodcrafters.

We are a small mom and pop business who takes great pride in making high-quality and affordable wood products for Laser and CNC enthusiasts!

We began making our own hardwood slabs to use for products we make and sell in our retail store in order to keep our material costs down and to have larger, higher-quality materials, free of major knots and defects. We realized there is a great need for thin (1/8" thick) 100% hardwoods so our first product was our traditional hardwood collection.

Later we added our Exotic Hardwood collection as customers wanted more colors and variation. Each of our hardwoods is made by Friends Woodcrafters in our own shop. We start with kiln dried rough hardwood planks and then joint, plane, rip, and cut to size. Each piece of hardwood is first sanded to 80 grit, then 150 grit and then to a smooth 220 grit.   We offer all our 1/8" hardwoods in plain or matted on both sides.

All our hardwoods are "all natural, not finished"! There is no lacquer or other finish as with glowforge hardwoods.  We find all-natural is usually preferred and gives you more control of the finish you want. We also prefer unfinished woods for our projects since laser or cnc-cut items on prefinished wood will not have any finish on the sides of the piece. We recommend a finish treatment of mineral oil, or mineral oil combined with beeswax, lacquer, or poly. Any of these will darken the natural wood and give it a beautiful luster while making it waterproof. (see photos) We find them perfect for all types of projects- jewelry, signs, boxes- let your creativity run wild!


Thank you for your business.

Robbie & Marsha